About Me

As a thirty-something professional living in Wales, by my reckoning I'm still young enough to change anything about my life that I dislike and old enough to face the consequences! About a year ago in the summer of 2010 I lost a lot of weight and became quite obsessed with food and exercise. I ran a lot, ate very little and got rather caught up in it all. That little blip helped me realise a few things about myself. On the negative side it taught me that I can get totally obsessed with things quite easily. That I push myself very hard. And that I'm not invincible. On the positive side it showed me that I am good at endurance sport. That I utterly love the gym and lifting weights. And that I actually do have clearly defined goals that I want to - and absolutely will - achieve.

My goals are easy. I want to have an outrageously successful career. I want to be physically leaner, harder and stronger. I want to consistently run a 1hr 40m half marathon. I want to enjoy food, look after myself and treat my body with respect. More broadly speaking, I want to live a happy, balanced life. Not much to ask for, right?!

I started this blog on 05/02/2011 as a way of releasing all of my otherwise pent-up thoughts, ideas, goals, aspirations and experiences which I want to document in some way, and share with others.