Sunday, 20 March 2011

A slump and a grump

Hhhhhhmmmmmmmm. Prepare yourselves for a bit of a groan......

So I had a busy week at work last week. I missed a couple of gym sessions because I had to be in work early and to add insult to injury I didn't really get enough sleep at all over the last 7 days. Lack of sleep hits me *hard* and really affects my moods. So, come Friday night I was really ready for a lovely meal out with my friend Tammi. One drink turned into another and we rolled back home at around 3am Saturday morning. Whoops.

Whilst I had the best time, hangovers hit me hard and pretty much wiped me out all day yesterday. I ate, I moped, I ate, I slept, I ate and then had a couple of snacks. Result? Miserable, crappy, boring Jess. I know full well that a big night out can totally wipe me out. So, I'm cross with myself for having *that last* couple of drinks that I really didn't need.

I'm now having a minor panic about the Liverpool half Mara next Sunday. I know I was never going to be anywhere near my race fit levels, but I'm still happy to run it for the training and for the distance. I just hate the thought that I could have run it faster. However, onwards and upwards. Plus, I have already started putting together a training plan for the amazing Midnight Sun Marathon which I'm running in June. (See my new and funky widget on the right hand side of this page - I'm raising funds for Parkinson's UK. I'll write a full post about it during the week as it merits a proper introduction!).

In summary, then, I've been a grumpy cow-bag all weekend and I HATE not achieving anything during my cherished days off except for the ubiquitous washing, ironing, cooking and shopping. I really missed my long run but neither my head nor my heart was really in it. Plus my housemate is in London on a week off and I've been sat in the house sulking alone! I could easily have got out and about today but I only made it as far as the Co-op for some emergency supplies. Soooooooooooo, back on the training plan tomorrow starting with a 45 min tempo run followed by circuits at 0715h. I'll kick my sorry arse back into touch and start my week as I mean to go on!

Watch this space for a much more upbeat post in the week. Promise. :-)


  1. GIESH .... judging form the picture, one drink would be enough to put me outa action for days ;-) Good luck getting back to the running.