Saturday, 12 February 2011

10 kilometres, 3 courses and 7 muffins

Today was my first 10k race for about 4 months. I have been running regularly but nowhere near as often as I was training last year. This year I changed my training schedule to focus more heavily on weights and strength training and slightly less on running. So, since January I have been training in the gym 6 days a week but running just 3 times a week. This is a stark contrast to the 5-6 times I was running last year. But since I want to focus on form, I can't over-do the running/CV. Simple fact.

So, in accordance with my race diary (see link at top of page!) today was the Cardiff Love Run (now known as the Action Duchenne 10k). It takes place in Bute Park and the route winds its way through the park and along the Taff. I thought the event was very well organised, the Duchenne representatives were friendly and enthusiastic and the route was very well sign-posted and marshalled. Here I am pre-race in the middle of Pontcanna Fields (very nervous, I always am before I run):

The race started at a little after 11am and I finished in 51 mins. Nowhere near my normal 'race-fit' standards of 47 mins, but in accordance with my new schedule, I'm right about on target. (Although I am running the Liverpool Half in March with my older brother and he ran his training 10k today in 46 mins - this time last year I would have kicked his sorry ass, but I think this year *might* be a bit of an 'Element Senior' victory. Humph!). All in all, though, I was very pleased - I was the 16th girl to cross the line and was 86th overall in a field of 219. I then had a little pootle around Cardiff, had some lunch and picked up a few goodies on the way home. A thoroughly enjoyable morning.

Now then - lunch! It was absolutely delish. I went to Zushi, my favourite sushi place in Cardiff to celebrate my 10k. I had squid salad and pickled salmon from the little conveyor-belt-thingy and a huge bowl of chicken ramen. All washed down with Jasmine tea -  I enjoyed every mouthful. I took a picture of the squid salad and jasmine tea, but I wolfed the ramen down well before I even considered taking a picture.

When I got back home I made some mini-muffins for the very first time. I am not in the least bit interested in cooking and find it more often than not a means to an end. However, I just really felt like baking. No idea why. Can't explain it. Anyway, I adapted a recipe initially designed and created by the lovely Gina from Fitnessista ( I swapped her quinoa flakes and quinoa flour for buckwheat flakes and buckwheat flour. The recipe is as follows:

> 1 egg;
> 2T almond nut butter;
> 1/4 C agave nectar;
> 1/2 C buckwheat flakes;
> 1/2 C buckwheat flour;
> 1/2 t baking powder;
> 1/2 t cinnamon

This makes 7 mini muffins at 190 cals each. They were absolutely stunning!! I cooked them for 10 mins at 350 and they came out better than anything I have ever baked before. As you can see from the picture I did make each muffin quite big - I reckon you could probably get 10 smaller ones out of the mixture, which would reduce the cals per serving to 133. Not bad, eh? And they genuinely taste delicious. In fact, like someone else with more cooking experience has made them (that's the first thing I thought when I ate one!). The method is really simple too. Mix the wet stuff in a bowl. Mix the dry stuff in a bowl. Mix both sets of stuff together. Dollop onto baking tray. Cook for 10 mins @ 350. Et voila!

And then I chilled out, watched a bit of Glee, mooched around t'internet and now I may have to get ready for a night out on the town! See y'all soon!


  1. Wow!I know I haven't seen you for around 10 years, but I am amazed - first that you can run that far, never mind in that time, second that you had the energy to do some baking afterwards and third that you watch ... Glee (have to admit to watching it too though).
    Enjoying the blog so far - an inspiration for those of us with less energy. Makes me feel like turning over a new leaf. Think I'll start with some baking.

  2. The muffins look amazing, be sure to make some for me next time we meet!

    Great race chick and an awesome time, well done!