Thursday, 10 February 2011

An epiphany?

Hiya blogland!

Just a brief post today. On the exercise front it was a rest day and I had to attend a work-related course in Gwent. Great course and I'm really pleased I went - I don't very often say that about the courses I attend so I'm v chuffed and feel motivated to start back at work. Tomorrow. Eeeeeeek!

On a different note, I realised today that despite my aspirations to constantly progress massively quickly, to keep my eyes open for other opportunities, to constantly try to progress is any way I can, I may actually be holding myself back by trying to do so much. Something happened today, which I have to keep on the down low for various reasons, which made me realise that if I knuckle down to the "here and now", if I make every effort to do everything to the best of my abilities right now, taking each day as it comes, then things might slot into place. I *may* not have to force things quite so much. If I enjoy every day and do what I have to do as best I can, I can accomplish more (and quite possibly do fewer things better) than if I am trying to achieve a million different things all at the same time. An mini-epiphany? Possibly!

As a sort of tag on to that, I know that we all wish this were true:

But it ain't quite that easy, is it? So, since my overall life goal is to (a) work in an environment and in a career that I truly love and (b) be perfectly financially comfortable, I've come to accept that satisfaction and cash don't always go hand in hand. And (in spite of the ubiquitous work-related-red-tape-type complaints) I do love my job. Which I will try not to lose sight of.

Even when I feel like tearing my hair out of my head strand by strand.

And putting my knuckle-dusted fist through a computer. :-)

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