Monday, 28 February 2011

Work hard, play hard...confess, repeat?!

Hello bloggies!

Been a good week or so since I posted last. I've been mega busy at work and when I've not been working, I've been [trying to] sleep. I had a nasty bug last week which not only left me unable to sleep with a really sore chest and snotty nose, but I also lost my voice on Thursday and Friday. It played havoc with my already weird dreaming. I fell asleep one night last week, feeling really dodgy and hot and uncomfortable, listening to one of the spoken word versions of C.S. Lewis' The Horse and His Boy. I would find it very difficult to put that particular dream into words, but it was ethereal, very relaxing and oddly serene. Then I woke up with my nose stuck to my pillow and I very quickly felt a lot less peaceful. Plus, I still had to go to work despite my job entailing an awful lot of talking which aggravated my chest. I battled through and - truth be told - ended up having a fairly successful Friday!

                                                                      A nasty bug.

Suffice it to say that the tail end of last week was pretty grim, so come Friday night I was very ready for my friend's birthday party. It was a debauched night out in town and since I don't drink regularly anyway, a night out at a vodka bar hit me pretty hard! It was worth it. We had a really good night. However - and here's the confession - I had a very lazy weekend. Saturday was recovery / being-a-total-hungover-chocolate-pig-dog day [*oh the shame, but I'm all about the honesty!*] and Sunday was spent flat-hunting. Couple that with a mega-busy Monday (had to skip the gym this morning  to prepare a huuuuuuge pile of work for 9.30am sharp) and I currently feel like a medium-sized whale. HOWEVER - I am just typing this up and I'm hitting the treadie for a long run in front of a film. Hit the cardio hard - the only way to regain some sense of human self.

Yup - you heard me right, by the way - I was flat-hunting on Sunday! My housemate has sold her house and I have to move. We're still hoping that I'll be able to piggy-back with her to her next property, but I can't rely on her for everything. So, I've been looking back in Cardiff for somewhere affordable and convenient. And those words have to be my mantra whilst I'm flat-hunting because I know how tempting it would be to get somewhere that little bit more expensive, and then end up regretting it after the first few months when I'm skint and empty of fridge! Its true though - healthy eating is an expensive game and I had to factor that into my flat-hunting budget.

Anyway, to try and make up for the fact that I have eaten horribly this weekend, I cooked up some quinoa and beetroot for dinner yesterday and did enough for my lunch today too. I had tried earlier in the week to cook some quinoa but it was disastrous. I must be the only person I know who messed up quinoa! I thought I could just pour water on it and it would fluff up like cous cous. Wrong. However, when I did it properly, it was truly delish:


Arriva Trains Wales have thoughtfully gone on strike for the next few days so I've had to secure lifts from people from work (some of whom I don't even know!) to and from work. I didn't even know there were strikes until I turned up at the train station today at 5am and there was no train info on the boards. Hmmmmmmmmm. Not the *best* start to the week.

Ah well. *mutters to self* "Glass is half full, glass is half full...."etc.
Catch you soon - with pics from this Wednesday's circuits class, hopefully!

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