Saturday, 5 February 2011

Background to my Blog

Hello blogland. So, I've just set up my blog and am really excited to see how it evolves and changes throughout its [hopefully successful and long-lived] existence. I set up this blog to record all those things that I often think about, ponder over and discuss with others, but nobody seems to care as much about as me. Like what? I hear you ask. Well, like working hard, training hard, treating yourself well and with respect, trying to make the best of yourself and enjoying each day and taking it all as it comes. And importantly, like taking charge of your own life - because nobody else will do it for you.

I am lucky in many ways - I have no kids, no husband and no real desire to settle down anywhere in particular, or spring any roots just yet. I'm fairly selfish and make no apologies for that, but by the same token all of my successes and all of my mistakes are my own. So I try and accept and learn from them all. Of course, there are pros and cons to this sort of existence, but it suits me very nicely right now. I focus on improving my career and improving my body - both of which can safely occupy 90% of my time for a whole week! If I could I would immediately metamorphosise into Linn Hansen and/or Nicole Wilkins. To me, they are simply fabulous.

Enough of a ramble for now? Yeah, I reckon so.  Well, having got this far it is now time for dinner. Left-over chicken stir fry and mash. A solid mix of protein and carbs, clearly very necessary to support my massively exhausting day. (I've done nothing but cook lunch for my friend Jo, so pretty much Jack Sh*t!) I'm now approx 78% recovered from my stomach virus which has plagued me all week. Which means I kick back into my beloved training routine from tomorrow - starting with a long run. Watch this space! Oh, and here's dinner:

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  1. Hi Jess, just found your blog after Jag mentioned it. My life was similar to yours and I called myself selfish and the one day out of the blue I met my DH, moved to Denmark after 5 months and was married in 11 months so enjoy being selfish as you never know what is around the corner ;o)