Thursday, 17 February 2011

Barbell Mouse

Evening blogland,

Nearly a full week has passed me by in a haze of crazy circuits classes, a million work files, early mornings and weird-ass dreams. Where to start?!

Ok, the gym has been great. I go to Laguna on Greyfriars Road in Cardiff most weekdays before work at 0630h. Its when I workout best and it sets me up for the day: Twice a week I do circuits classes and whilst each of them are excellent, Rhys (on Wednesdays) pushes us to the max. Yesterday I sweated so much in 50 minutes that not only was I dripping onto the floor, but my t-shirt was absolutely drenched and I my face was so red it looked like I had been picked up by the feet and dipped in a tin of fuchsia paint from the neck up. *Massively* attractive. I could kick myself for not taking a photograph of the class set-up but next week I definitely will do and I'll blog it all. I *heart* those classes.

I also tentatively tried out a new mini-HIIT circuit on the treadie. I knew it was going to hurt so I slipped in a taster sesh before my circuits class on Wednesday. I did 5 x 30 sec sprints (@ level 13) on a 9% incline. Yes, you read correctly - 9%! Yes, it was only 5 mins. Yes, the sprints were only 30 seconds. But it was much tougher than I expected. The plan is to increase the sprints but keep the rests at 30 seconds until I can do ten sets of 1 min sprints. Now that's going to hurt! Bring it!

I also had a bit of a run in with the barbell bench press. Normally I do dumbell chest presses and I'm presently lifting 12kg dumbells for 3 x 12 reps. Very soon I'll be onto 14kg. So, I tried out the barbell chest press on Tuesday to change it up a bit. I loaded 10kg weights onto wither side of the barbell, got into position and......couldn't bloody lift it. Well, I got it out of the brackets, but struggled like a nobhead trying to get it back on. I thought perhaps I had hurt my shoulders at Monday's circuits by doing ab roll-outs on a barbell (it felt uncomfortable on my shoulders at the time) so I kind of put it down to that, I mean surely one can't go from lifting 12kg dumbells to not being able to lift 20k on a barbell??

Your thoughts on the above would be much appreciated. Hints or tips, anyone?

                                                      (What *should* have happened.)

                                                         (What *actually* happened).

Work has been crazy mad and as a result the week really has flown by. Only one more day to go and I can turn off my alarm and sleeeeeeeeeeeep until I wake up naturally. The thought is, quite simply, orgasmic. I have been having my usually bizarre dreams, too. They freak me out sometimes because they are so vivid, but I really enjoy the experience of having such lucid images. Last night I slept with a guy I haven't seen for 14 years. Not literally - obviously - just in the dream! Recent dream-fodder contains the following:

- that I have no belly button;
- that I am on a barge being chased by vampires;
- that someone called my name really loudly and woke me up (there was no-one in the house but me);
- that Rhianna was my best friend;
- I was in a bath with 2 fully clothed blokes and a naked girl with a brazilian wax, the naked girl was showing off and I remember thinking that I should have been showing off too (WTF?!); and
- that I was running a 10k race but I was so late packing my bag that I missed the first three start waves and ended up not running at all. Gah! That was my least favourite one - I hate being late. Hate it!

I think I'm going to start blogging more about my dreams and see where that goes - its easy to forget them so I'm going to re-start noting them in my dream diary as soon as I wake up.

So - what's looming on my blogging horizon? I'll be getting some pics of my circuits class, logging my progress on my barbell chest presses, dragging my sorry arse over the hills for 9 miles on Sunday, cooking up a storm for next week's lunches and hopefully having some random dreams I can freak you out with.

Bye for now!

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