Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fat-burning, fruit & frugal ambitions

Bonsoir bloggettes!

Another lovely day of annual leave (and another day closer to re-starting work). For one reason or another  I have a training course tomorrow and I have to go into the office on Friday. Ah well *sigh*. I did have a great day today though. Another fab circuits class with the massively enthusiastic instructor Rhys, who today put me in mind of an over-excited school boy begging his Mum for attention. For me, the funniest part was when he grinned like a lunatic, grabbed some dumbells and started doing box jumps shouting "look! Weighted box jumps, guys!" I couldn't resist a giggle. At least he leads by example!

Another lush brekkie at Starbys was swiftly followed by a trip to my favourite fruit and veg shop. I know its really geeky but I love that its such a simple place, with bright colours and really fresh produce. The staff are always uber-friendly and helpful and they kindly allowed me to take a sneaky pic:

I bought 4 courgettes, a big bag of mushrooms and some beetroot. And because it was so lovely, I had the same lunch as yesterday - courgette spaghetti putanesca. Yuuummmmmm! I'm trying to be more frugal when I buy my food (and in my life in general). Its so easy to spend a fortune, so I'm trying to stick to the healthy basics - which is surprisingly easy to do. Fresh fruit and veg, milk, porridge oats, Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, tuna and turkey are pretty much my staples at the moment. So I'm sticking to that for now, its seems to be doing the trick - (1) plenty of protein to keep me full and my muscles repaired and (2) plenty of veg to keep up my vitamins and nutrient intake.

Just a quick note about training. Yesterday I tried barbell squats for the first time. I normally do walking weighted split squats and superset them with weighted stability ball wall squats. I found my first attempt at the barbell squat awkward, my form was horrific and i couldn't really feel any effect on my quads or glutes because I had started with such a low weight (20kg!) I realise that as a novice my technique will be horrible initially, but after 3 sets of 10 reps, I *just* wasn't getting it. At all. I'll stick with it for now though and see if I feel any different after another couple of sessions. I'll still do the walking split squats though, as I absolutely love those. I think all of that combined with stability ball ham curls are the reason I have been feeling rather heavy-of-the-leg for the last 2 days! Circuits today really helped loosen them up a little.

Any thoughts, hints or tips about the barbell squat gratefully received!

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