Saturday, 19 February 2011

Beneficial butt-moving

I'll start with last night's dinner, which was teeming with foodgasms:

Pitta pizzas topped with:
- tomato puree;
- spinach;
- red onion;
- red pepper;
- mushrooms; and
- goats cheese.

Yes, I had 2. Yes, I'm a pig. But I have an insatiable appetite and have to eat in large quantities (which is why healthy food is a must for me!)

Another night in dreamland last night. This time, I was trying to avoid an old flame who was in my vicinity - which happened to be a campsite last night?! He had come to visit one of my friends who was staying on the same campsite and when he got there, I picked up my orange smoothie (looked vile!) and went to sit somewhere else. A short while later he was running in v tight running tights and went passed me as I was reading a book. Very unexciting. Very non-erotic. Bit disappointing really. Ah well, fingers crossed for improved dreamage this weekend.

I woke up today feeling tired, sluggish and actually not all that well. So, I did what any self-respecting, self-controlled, fitness fanatic would do. I ate like a viking. Assuming that vikings ate loads, of course. Ok, so maybe not *every* fitness fanatic would so the same! Nonetheless I tried protein pancakes for the first time today, using vanilla flavoured whey protein. And I have to say, they were abso-bloody-lutely deeeeeeeeelish. I made them by chucking together the following (see how much of a professional I am in the kitchen?! I *chuck* stuff.):

- 2 eggs and 3 egg whites;
- one scoop vanilla flavoured whey protein; and
- a blob of vanilla extract.

I whisked it all up, stuck it in a pan and did the pancake thing. I topped it with Greek yog and Agave Nectar. *Drool*. Whilst it tasted like heaven, next time instead of making one huge pancake, I'll be making several smaller ones. Here's what it looked like - it looks a bit greasy in this photograph but actually it wasn't greasy at all. I think its just the plate that looks a bit shiny in the light, they were much more appetising in the flesh.

After brekkie and the ubiquitous Saturday chores (washing, cleaning, etc) I was umming and ahhhing about whether to go to the gym. I was still feeling tired and, truth be told, a little bit grumpy. So, I had a shower, stuck on the gym kit, packed a bag and dragged my arse to the train station. I did an hours' work in the office (Monday is going to be a nightmare so I'm trying to soften the blow by doing a bit this weekend) and then went to the 3pm circuits class at the gym.

Circuits well and truly did the trick. It was with a new trainer at the gym who I hadn't done circuits with before and she turned out to be lovely. There was only one other girl who had turned up to the class so I was v stoked - love a gruelling session. We did press-ups, step-ups, lat raises, leg raises, weighted jump-squats, tricep dips and spins on the bike (uphill slogs and then sprints). We did between 1 and 1.5 mins on each station and we did 2 rounds, interspersed with jumping jacks and crunches at various points.

And then, I did a short back workout consisting of the following:

- Deadlifts (3x12 reps @ 45kg)
- Bent over rows (3 x 12 reps @ 30kg)
- Lat pull-downs (3 x 12 reps @ 43kg)

And because I couldn't help it, I had another go at the dreaded barbell squat. And after a little assistance and some massively helpful pointers from one of the Laguna PTs, I smashed up 3 x 12 reps @ 50kg! Get in. Turns out I was bending my knees too much and letting them move forward over my toes. Which is pretty poor form. Instead, I focussed on straight back, bum out, and bending at the knees, from the waist without allowing my knees to drop over my toes. And better form makes such a difference - I honestly think I can lift heavier than that too, so next week I'll be onto 55kg. Onwards and upwards! Its my new favourite workout. For now ;-) Catch up with me tomorrow as I plan to post some fab pictures of the view from my (otherwise pretty lung-wrenching and painful) run in the Ponty hills.


  1. just came across your blog! you have some great insight on your posts! i can't wait to see what you come up with next! that looks super yummy! xo

  2. Love your style, look forwards to reading your blog ... and besides, that pancake look DELISH :-)